A Home Education

Avoiding Crowded Classrooms


There are many urban areas where populations of school age children have overwhelmed the public system, so educators have decided to use technology to solve the problem. Rather than investing more in brick and mortar school buildings, they have turned to online classes students can take at home. Many public systems have now placed their entire curriculum online, and they have developed a separate support system for the students who are enrolled in it.

One of the many issues have with public schools is the lack of individual attention it provides for their child, and online schooling has alleviated this issue in many districts. Children stay home with their parents during school hours, and they log onto the computer to learn the information they would get in the classroom. If the student needs more help than their parents can provide, most school districts have specific days and class rooms set aside for home schooled students in this program to receive tutoring.

There are students who like to participate in group activities, and those learning online from home do have the opportunity to participate with their peers. Parents are allowed to enroll them in sports and extracurricular activities, but they are often expected to provide their own transportation to and from meetings or events. The ability to participate allows the child the same social outlet as those who attend school, so they receive that benefit of the public system.

Children schooled at home now have many options as part of the public system, and parents have found a combination of schooling their children at home and driving them to activities on campus works well. As long as the child continues to pass the grade level tests, they can now do all their schooling without ever sitting inside a classroom.